ISO LaVern RV pass - can trade On-Site vehicle pass + $

Hoping we can help each other out! I am looking for a LaVern Johnson RV pass. I can buy the RV pass or trade an On-site Vehicle pass plus pay you the difference.

I’m afraid I don’t have an RV pass but I am looking for an onsite vehicle pass I’m happy to pay you for! Guessing it doesn’t help much but also have two LaVern camping passes for trade?

If you are still trying to get rid of extra onsite vehicle pass please lmk! I can’t trade for LaVern RV pass as I don’t have one, but I do still have those 2 LaVern camping passes + am willing to pay whatever you need for that onsite vehicle!

Please do not offer to pay above face value for tickets on this forum.

Sorry for any confusion… By “pay whatever you need” I was referring to the TOTAL cost of the ticket I’d be buying, which is what I would personally consider a ‘need’ or else I’d have said “whatever you WANT!” (face value plus taxes and fees)… Are we not allowed to cover those additional costs when transferring tickets?!

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Oh no worries, just checkin’!

Taxes and fees are included in the price of all Planet Bluegrass events tickets.

Here’s an example of a SeeTickets transaction for TBF nightgrass showing the price breakdown:

All other tickets will look identical except for the final price.

In some instances such as might be the case with wristbands, a reasonable amount in excess of face for shipping the wristbands is fine.

Hope that helps and good luck!

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