ISO Condo or Room in a House/Condo

ISO a reasonably priced condo or room in a house or condo in town for myself, my husband ilir and our 4 year old son. We have our 4 day passes, now we just need a place to rest our head. We are super fun and super responsible!

Hi there- I might have a spot for ya! Shoot me your email and I’ll send you the info!

Hi There! My name is Jodi Adams and I’m coming from the Austin, TX area. I just bought a 4 day pass today on a whim (I have not been to the TBF since 1993) and have nowhere to stay:). I am wondering if your family would like to share a 2 bedroom Airbnb with me. I am seeing a condo in Mountain Village for $3000 from Thursday to Monday. I would prefer to stay in town if something becomes available. I am a 54 yr old mother of two almost grown kids but traveling by myself. I am laid back and pretty quiet:) 512-644-5344

Hi Jodi!
We did end up finding a place in town. I have friends that I have asked to take the second bedroom, but they haven’t decided yet. If the spot remains open I will reach back out to you!
Good luck!

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am glad you found a spot in town. Yes, please do let me know if that second room becomes available.
Take Care, Jodi