ISO camping gear!

I’m flying in with my bf and taking all our camping gear on the plane would be pretty hard. If anyone has a tent with rain fly - ideally 3-4 person tent so it can fit us two + bags comfortably - comfy (!) sleeping pads, and festival chairs that we can borrow for Thursday-Sunday, that’d be super appreciated. We can probably manager our own sleeping bags! Happy to buy you some beer or whatever in exchange.

I have multiple tents that I no longer use since I need to sleep in my RV due to handicap issues so I’ll be bringing two or three extra tents with me. Just come into Town Park and ask around for me. Everyone knows me and where I’ll be.
I’ll be getting there a week early, June 3.

My wife and I have flown in for Festivals before. Usually one person packs all the clothes the other tent and sleeping gear. In Telluride you can pick up things like chairs and ice chest at the Hardware store just a block or two from TP.

Thanks Tom! Can’t wait :slight_smile: