ISO 4-Day Telluride Ticket

I’ve got my travel and lodging squared away, now I just need to figure out my way in. This would be my 4th time attending the fest and most certainly won’t be the last.

Any help is appreciated!


They’ve been releasing 4-day tix every Tues between 10am and 2pm (they usually go live closer to 10:30/11am). The password to get into the See Tix sale is “bush” (as in Sam).

P.S. I’m looking for Warner Fields in case you happen to come across any. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll give it a try and keep an ear open for Warner Field.

I snagged a resale ticket today! I’m all set! :grinning:

Hi, Marty. I have 4 x 4-Day Passes (no camping) for sale at cost. Are you still looking?

Hello! Are any of these still available?

They are available. Are you still needing them? How many would you like?

I would take 2 of your 4days👍🏻

Treybots, I have 2 camping+admission at Mary E Ilium if that trade doesn’t work out for you. Face = $900

Sold. How do you want do it?