ISO (2) Town Park

Any help is appreciated : ) See yall in 2 weeks.

I have Warners available! Joe 201-317-8987

Alex- we have a spare TP if you’re looking.

Camp HulaGanz!

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I will have 2 Town Park if they are ever mailed out.

I can meet you in Telluride for exchange if you are interested. I’m told the wristbands are mailed this week, but haven’t received updates on tracking. Please reach out if you are interested. I will sell them at face value $565 each.

I’m nervous to post my cell here since people are getting spammed.

Bobbie Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Joe,
If it has a vehicle pass, I will buy it.

Hi Bobbie,
If they have a vehicle pass, I will buy one.

Hi Alex,
If it has a vehicle pass, I will buy it.

I don’t have a vehicle pass, unfortunately. Thanks though and good luck!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have TP with vehicle pass … look for my post

I have one Town Park vehicle pass available.

Thanks, KMurf, but I bought bluegrassdanno’s pass.

Hi Alex, I have 2 town parks for sale. Can email you the PDF so you can get your wristband at the office. LMK

Hey Alex, hope you are well! If you are still looking, we have 2 extra town parks.


I have 2 Town Park passes available $500 each 505-991-4602