ISO 1 Lawson Hill Camping Pass

Update to my request below; Looking for 1 Lawson Hill camping ticket. Thanks for all of the replies and the festivarian spirit!

Sending all the positive vibes and thanks your way :grin:

Hello All,

Unfortunately I have been scammed trying to buy and transfer tickets so far since SeeTickets does not make a ticket transfer final. I am looking to buy 5 Lawson Hill Camping Passes and setting up a plan to buy them from someone who will be at the Festival on Wednesday afternoon. If you have extra Lawson Hill camping passes for your group and will be arriving Wednesday after 2pm let me know and I’ll be happy to buy your extra tickets in Telluride.

This has been much more secure and seamless in the past when I was able to have a ticket in hand purchasing from others prior to the fest and I hope that SeeTickets/Bluegrass are working on a solution to this scam. With my 11th straight Telluride experience coming up, this process has left quite a sour taste in my mouth. Our crew usually has anywhere from 10-15 folks who join for the summer solstice and I’m sure the 50th will help to ease some of the frustrations.

Thanks for your coordination and reply!

Hi @myfirstfest I can sell you my two Lawson Hill Camping Passes. But I’m not able to go to the festival (hence why I’m selling them :slight_smile: From my knowledge of transferring camping passes, it seems a lot easier process than tickets. If you’re interested, please let me know.

Thanks for the reply!! I was able to get 4 camp tickets and so looking for a last one and may not need the last one. Hopefully you can sell both of your tickets to someone. I’ll reach out in the next few weeks to check if you still have one left :banjo:

I will sell you one of my Lawson Hill tickets if you still need one. Please let me know!

I’m interested still in buying 1 Lawson Hill camp ticket :+1:t2:

@bwzweber, I’m still looking for 1 Lawson camp ticket if you still have one. Just got confirmation and funds from a friend. Appreciate it if you still have 1

I have 4 Lawson hill camping tickets I can sell you and I will be in Telluride by Wed!

Hello, thanks for your message. We found 4 tickets and need 1 more for the Lawson Campground. Would you be open to sell me 1 of yours?

Thanks for you help!! I have received 5 Lawson Camp tickets our group needs at this time. I will reach out to you on Wednesday, June 14, if any of them do not go through when I’m standing at the fest ticket office.

All the best!

Hi @myfirstfest I have one Lawson Camping available! Shoot me a text 918-606-2064 its easy to transfer! Thanks! :slight_smile:

@rachelrose731 I have been looking for a Lawson hill ticket for the past week. I’m interested if it’s available. Thank you

Hi friends
Looking for 2 Lawson camping for thur Fri :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4:

@Dann shoot me a text at 9186062064, happy to sell!

@Elke if Danny doesn’t take my Lawson camping its all yours! Text me at 918-606-2064!

Thanks I’m looking for RV camping
Knee injuries prohibit tent camping:(

Lmk if you still need a Lawson hill camping ticket! 330-356-0611