I'm interested in attending The Song School. 🪴

I think this is the year! Do you have a ticket that I could buy?

I have a song school ticket and a 3 day Folks Fest with camping pass and am thinking of selling the whole deal for face value. I have a lot going on and not sure if I can do all of it, maybe best to skip this year. Let me know if you have interest? Marcia

I can’t tell if you got my reply. Please text me at 575-312-1730. Will buy FF ticket too if that’s your preference. Thanks Frances

One of the Mods, The Wiz, just posted this a few days back on how to buy/sell tickets. Looks like option 1 has expired, but I can try and call PB and see. But #2 works as well. I think you take the larger risk being a buyer. I saw you were posting for a ticket way back months ago, that makes me want to trust you are not a scammer. Frigging crazy world we have now!

How to Safely Buy/Sell/Trade Planet Bluegrass Tickets (Telluride, RockyGrass, etc.)

  1. NO RISK (HEAVILY RECOMMENDED): Seller (must be original purchaser) Calls Planet Bluegrass (800) 624-2422 and provides name of buyer, Planet Bluegrass refunds seller’s tickets. After complete, buyer calls Planet Bluegrass and provides name of seller. Planet Bluegrass directly resells tickets. This method has no risk of money or tickets being false/pulled back. For trades, Planet Bluegrass will review that both parties have proper tickets and will similarly facilitate the trade process. This process only works for sellers that originally purchased the tickets from Planet Bluegrass and is only available until a certain date .
  2. MORE RISK (SEE NOTES BELOW): Seller can contact See Tickets and request all tickets be moved to Will Call Pickup by emailing them at help@seetickets.us and including your order number. After complete, seller can transfer tickets individually to buyer’s email address for pickup. Original purchaser will always have access to later cancel this transfer (risk for buyer). This process can only happen once per ticket.
  3. VERY RISKY (NOT RECOMMENDED): Seller can change the delivery address for the tickets to be mailed on their transaction in See Tickets. This is only for moving a full transaction, no partials. Original purchaser will always have access to later change this address (risk for buyer). Wristbands will still be associated to the original buyer, so if anything happens with the wristbands (lost in mail, broken, stolen), the current holder will need a photo of the original purchaser’s ID.
  4. VERY RISKY (NOT RECOMMENDED): Seller can physically mail RFID wristbands to buyer after seller receives wristbands from Planet Bluegrass. Original purchaser could neglect to send wristbands (risk for buyer). I believe all scalping websites (Ticketmaster, StubHub, Vivid Seats, SeatGeek, etc.) use this transfer method, but if you run into any issues Planet Bluegrass won’t be able to help you.

NOTE: For transfer options #2, #3 and #4 buyer will send seller money directly (some risk for both). Buyer should send payment via refundable method (Paypal Goods & Services, Venmo for Purchases, etc.) and pay a small fee (2%-3%) for security. Seller should thoroughly document completed transfer of tickets in case buyer later tries to contest payment for non-delivery. Planet Bluegrass has no hand in this process. Non-refundable methods (Paypal Friends & Family, Standard Venmo, Zelle, etc.) should only be used for known/trusted friends. Some scammers have been known to fake or reverse payment even on non-refundable methods, so seller should recognize associated risk and carefully review buyer.

Hi I have one song School Ticket available

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Hi Brent, I will buy it! phone number is 650 743 5930, thank you so much!

Let me know if its still available! here’s my email if that’s better gennomadic@gmail.com

Hi brent, if you still have your ticket I would love to buy it. 9708191243.