I have 4day passes for trade

I have two extra 4 day passes available. The wife and I are going (in-laws bailed) and we are essentially looking to trade for a bed in a house, town park camping/ or the baseball fields, a driveway or backyard, etc… Let’s get creative festivarians, see you in June!

Hey mile high! Hope you have luck finding lodging! But,:wink:, if you decide to sell those 4 day passes, we would live to buy them from you! We got shut out of the 4 day passes and are looking. Please keep us in mind!

Thanks, Will do! Take care

Hey, desperate festivarians! I feel you! We are trying to get back to TBF after my 12 year hiatus and sadly only scored Thursday/Sunday tickets. My friend and I would gladly buy you Lawson hill baseball field camping tickets (plus cash) in exchange for your two available 4-day passes!! alternatively, I’d really like to rent a house, so if we end up doing that or something similar we can certainly include you! (and return all our camping tickets by March). I’ll check in with my friend and see what her lodging budget looks like :). Cheers, Laura in NW Montana

Hey MHG! I would love to purchase 4 - 4 day passes if you still have them! 608-514-3744. The TBF God will Bless you!! :slight_smile:

And yeah, I’ll gladly take the TWO 4 day passes too! :slight_smile:

Again, looking to trade for housing or camping…

Hello we need tickets! Are they still available?

Yes they are, BUT, like the post says… I’m looking to trade…