How to Transfer TBF Tickets From See Tickets

Here’s how to transfer your tickets on you See Tickets account:


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For previous print @ home TBF events it may have been possible to transfer on

Am I reading correctly that TBF50 tix cannot be transferred on the site?

It depends on the type of ticket and timing. Please review your transfer options here: Ticket Transfer Information — Planet Bluegrass • Colorado Music Festivals & Concerts • Lyons, CO


Will Call was only an option for international Festivarian ticket purchasers this year.

This is in an effort to eliminate many Festivarian’s need to come to the Box Office & wait in line for wristband(s), thus, everyone that receives a wristband shipped to them doesn’t have to waste time waiting in another line prior to enjoying the festival.

If you wish to transfer a ticket to someone, please be aware that ticket transfers are strongly only recommended between “Friends & Family.”

  • Primary reason for that is that if the recipient of a ticket for some reason cannot attend and requests a refund prior to the refund deadline, we can only refund the card that was used to make the purchase.
  • On the end of the original ticket purchaser, their SeeTickets account will reflect that a ticket is “transferred,” but if it’s before the refund deadline (March 3rd) they can still request a refund for their ticket and we want to prevent anyone from ending up in a tough situation where a money exchange was made after sale but then the original ticket purchaser requests and receives a refund for the ticket.

If you wish to transfer a ticket on your order, you can email and request that the Delivery Method of your ticket be scheduled to be picked up at Will Call (please include your order number in the subject of your email request). So with the link that Lucas provided, it does explain how to transfer a ticket once you’re order is scheduled to be picked up at Will Call.

That being said, that means that none of your wristband from your order would be delivered to you 3-5 weeks prior to the event and you would need to wait in line to receive your wristband at the Box Office.

The link that Lucas included also explains that we allow transfers over the phone prior to the refund deadline (3/3/23). This is a way that we can do a safe transfer of part or all of your order.

For example, if “Lester” would like to transfer 1 Town Park Camping (w/ 4-Day Pass) ticket to a lucky Festivarian friend, “Earl,” the original ticket purchaser (Lester) would call Planet Bluegrass and verify their order and give the details of ticket(s) they’d like to “transfer” and the name of the lucky recipient: Earl!. Then, Lester will let Earl know that they’ve permitted a release of their ticket. The recipient (Earl) will then call Planet Bluegrass, & they will sell Earl the TP ticket over the phone and once the transaction is complete, PB refunds that 1 Town Park Camping (w/ 4-Day Pass) to the original purchaser (Lester).

I would like to thank Earl & Lester for helping me to explain this :upside_down_face: