Help TB womb baby indulge in her first LEGAL festival BEER in TP! Looking to trade (4)LH or (2)ME w/car pass for (2)TP

Hey there! My mom has been taking my brother and I to Telluride Bluegrass almost every year since we were born (even in the womb hahah). This will be the first year since I’ve turned 21 that I will be able to attend, and I would love nothing more than to be able to drink a refreshing beverage and perhaps a few melon balls in town park :slight_smile:

Looking to trade 4 Lawson Hill Camping/Festival tickets or 2 Mary E Ilia Camping/Festival tickets with 1 Mary E Ilia Car Pass for 2 Town Park with price adjustment.

Have a good one and I hope to see you in June with beer in hand :wink:

I would take the Mary E vehicle pass off your hands. My brother and I volunteer and i need a place to park my small camper.

let me know!


You would need two Mary E camping passes as well if you don’t already have them.

We volunteer, so already have those. Thanks

Hi Mark!
I’ll be sure to keep you in mind! Really hoping to be able to trade for TP but it’s hard to know how things will land right now. Thanks!

Thanks, please do keep me in mind.

Psst - UPDATE: Password Added - TBF Ticket Release - Scalper Screening