Have extra 4day passes, ISO of 1 town park camping

Our group screwed up, we have extra 4 day passes but one person in our group is without town park camping, any suggestions/extras out there?

I would love to buy 2 4 day passes for me and my wife if you could sell them. Sorry dont have a camping pass. Thank you. Jeff

704-213-9177 Jeff in need of 2 4 day passes

Also looking for 4-day passes if they are still available

I’d definitely buy your extra 4 days passes, email is dauhey44@gmail.com

Good luck on finding camping!

We’d def be interested in two four day passes! Could pay asap

Hi Kate! Lucky you to have gotten extra tickets! I would SO HAPPILY take your 4 extra 4-day passes! That would be a great Blessing to me! jojowisco@mhtc.net

Hi! I would love those 4day passes please! We got shutout on the 4days, we only got thursday and sundays. We could venmo $ immediately (or your preferred method)

I had no luck getting a ticket. Boo. I would love to purchase if anyone has a ticket available. Thanks. Kathy.

I would happily purchase 2 passes for me and my dad. I’m not a scalper, just a dude trying to take his dad to Telluride for his 70th birthday!

Have you sold your extra tickets? Bev at 720-633-2454

Psst - UPDATE: Password Added - TBF Ticket Release - Scalper Screening

We would love at least one of the 4day passes kkehrman@gmail.com

I will take 2 or 3 if you still have them by some tiny miracle (four day passes)

I just need 1. Jason.Tomaselli@gmail.com

pretty please, I would be forever in your debt.

Hi are these still available? I need two four day passes, can buy now!! Thank you!! email is iris.mercedes012@gmail.com