Free Camping close to Telluride

Hi all!

For those of you who still need accommodations for the festival, I have an incredibly beautiful and vacant piece of land near the festival. Price is free. The lot size is 40 acres so it can hold quite a bit of people. Bring your tent and/or hammock and a respectful attitude.

The property can accommodate quite a bit of people if needed. I will probably do this for every year here on out. I’ve attached a few photos of the property to give you an idea.

Cheers, love and bluegrass :banjo:

For those who want to text: 937-620-4952


Oh wow!! The is very generous. I would be very interested in staying on your property in my van for a couple of nights. I have a friend in town who was open to me staying with her, and I like the idea of being outdoors with other festival goers. I’m attending for the first time.

How far away from the grounds is the property? I am considering bringing my electric bike to commute to and from the event.

Amazing! Just texted you.

I sent you a text. I would like to camp there for the festival. Thanks, William

So nice of you! Would love to take you up on it and join in the fun. We’re volunteering this year and thought we had things figured out for camping but don’t quite yet! I just texted you. Krissie

This is extremely generous. I will be traveling alone and would love a spot. How far is this from the fest?

Wow, again! Thank you. Would you have room for another group (family of 3)? It’s been asked but how far are you from the festival? And would you allow a smallish camper? Many thanks again.

Where is this located? How close to the festival?

Wow what an amazing offer! How far from festival? Is there still space available?
I texted you also.

Has anyone heard back from him?