For Sale- 3 3-day RockyGrass passes

Selling 3 RockyGrass 3-day passes. Can sell separately. Have bracelets in hand. Selling at my cost from Planet Bluegrass.


Hi, where are you located? We are looking for 2…

I’ll buy (1) 3-day pass
I live in Lyons. We can meet up. Venmo $?

Sure Meg. You got it (1 pass). Venmo is fine. I live in Broomfield so let’s wait a couple days to see where the other two go, then we can meet up somewhere, probably Longmont.

Rehomeco— I am in Broomfield and have 2 passes left. I’ll hold them for you. Please propose a meeting rendezvous if we are within pretty easy driving distance.


Danielle- do you still want two 3- day tickets or should I release them to somebody else? I am in Broomfield


Meg and Danielle- please text me today to make arrangements to get you your RockyGrass tickets - 303-905-9783. If I don’t hear from you today, I’ll have to open them up to other buyers.



Good morning-do you still have any 3-day passes left?

CatieJB- I will let you know tomorrow morning (Monday)… I am waiting on responses from a couple buyers and gave them through today to confirm. How many do you need?


I have 3 3- day passes and I am located in Broomfield. How many do you need?

Still have 3 3-day RockyGrass passes available to sell. Bracelets in hand. Selling at cost. Can find a meeting place to deliver (I’m in Broomfield). If you want to make arrangements to buy text me at 303-905-9783 or email Thanks, Steve

I am selling two 3-day passes! have the wristbands in hand. (720)891-3784

Hi Catie! I have two 3-day passes with wristbands in hand. Let me know if you’re interested, thanks! (720)891-3784