For sale: 2 Mary ilium vehicle passes and 2 4 day passes

For sale: 2 Mary ilium vehicle passes and 2 4 day Festival / Mary ilium camping passes

Face value for vehicle passes, $50 under face for camping/festival passes

Trying to keep each vehicle pass with a camping pass, but will sell camping passes on their own. Happy festival!

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If you decide to just sell a vehicle pass, I am interested.

I’d also be super interested in a vehicle pass if you end up splitting things up!

Sorry, trying to keep them together for now! I’ll sell one vehicle with one camping, but not vehicle passes by themselves. Good luck!

I understand.

Hi Moomoo! Curious if you have given any more thought to selling either of your parking passes for Mary E. We are traveling to TBF for the first-time with our 2 young kiddos and would love to know if we could buy one!!

Sorry, just saw this! I still have a vehicle pass. Sold the camping passes.

Need a vehicle pass!

Thank you! I got one!

Do you still have a vehicle pass?