First Timers Looking to Upgrade Camping

Well, after many years of trying we finally got in and for the 50th. (!!) I am far beyond excited.

I tried a bunch of ticket/camping combos after having 8,800 people in front of me today and someone must have tossed back a pair of 4-day passes right as I requested them. Either way, we are in for all 4 days of 2023!

I bought us passes for Lawson as a fall-back camping option so we are closer than who-knows-what but it sounds like we really want Warner or Town Park since we will have a rental car, etc.

It is our first time to T’ride and appreciate any help securing better camping options. I am a lifelong taper and bluegrass head and will record whatever my batteries can handle.

Is it June yet?

We are first timers as well! We’ll be traveling in our truck camper and looking for close (enough) camping. I understand that Lawson allows campers (need to confirm). I’d be very interested if/when you find the upgrade you’re looking for. I’ll even help cover your TP tickets. Let me know what you’re looking for exactly and I’ll be on the look out as well. We could swap. Thanks!

FYI Warner Field and Town Park tickets are only sold as 4 Day Passes with camping. There is no upgrade or add on that you can purchase that will just get you camping in either Warner or Town Park. Furthermore, there is no on site parking for those camping at Mary Illium or Lawson to drive back and forth. Instead, you will have to take the Galloping Goose Shuttle Bus.

Psst - UPDATE: Password Added - TBF Ticket Release - Scalper Screening