Desperate need: 1 Farm Vehicle pass

The ticketing system prevented us from checking out with an allowed ticket count (4 3-day passes, 4 Farm camping, 1 Farm vehicle) until we removed the Farm vehicle. Totally messed up!

We are now short 1 Farm Vehicle pass, which we need to be able to camp.

Can anyone help out a 15 year Rockygrass veteran?? Help!!

Well at least you got something. I’m sure you can find one though. It wouldn’t let me check out with anything even though there were plenty of 3-day passes and RV passes available. The checkout system just kept crashing on me.

Yeah, it was kind of messed up. We had an early queue number too (221). Please, get your system straight See Tickets / PBG…

The limit was stated as 8 which I found to be weird for the exact reason you faced issues

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No, read the full page here:

" * You can buy up to four of any ticket type, with a limit of 12 total tickets per transaction. You CAN’T purchase 12 3-Days, however, you CAN purchase four single day tickets for each day."

The 8 limit was for the Camping / Contest page selection.

My buddy just 5 minutes later purchased 4 3-day passes, 4 Farm camping, 1 Farm vehicle, and 1 Saturday day pass.

Just a one week update. Still need a Farm Vehicle pass.

Ding dong I hear a song and still need a Farm Vehicle pass.

Still looking…but hopes are high! The lineup is so stellar…