Cash plus a condo in telluride to use for another time for 4 four day passes!

ISO four 4 day passes, will pay $$ plus arrange for a stay at a condo in town during another time of year!

Let’s make a deal…five305591111

Hi there, how many passes are you selling? I’m looking for four. Happy to make a deal for cash plus arrange a three night stay at our condo in town during a non festival uptime. The condo is near Hotl Columbia, two bedroom two bathroom.

Hi there, I am not sure if my messages are getting to you? I am looking for four 4 day passes. Will work out a three night stay in our condo in town for a non-festival time plus cash for the passes.

contact 'em on the number he listed in his message :slight_smile:

Contact me 530559111one

Psssttt - UPDATE: Password Added - TBF Ticket Release - Scalper Screening