Camping at LaVerne Johnson - need to sell 2 tickets + 1 vehicle pass

We have RG weekend (Fri-Sun) LaVerne Johnson passes we need to sell. I am the original purchaser of our camping tickets at LaVerne Johnson (2 passes + vehicle pass, see original prices below).
We got super lucky and got into Wee Casa and now we don’t need them. They are for the whole weekend:

  • 2 x LaVern Johnson Camping (per person) (@ $90.00)
  • 1 x LaVern Johnson Vehicle (18ft max) $115.00
    TTL =$295

I called Planet BG and they said the barcodes are easy to transfer/download as they in PDF format. I have Venmo for payment or Zelle is ok too.


Would you be willing to sell 1 camping pass?

The SKU is broken down into the 2 passes for camping then another SKU For the vehicle pass (Which, if you are going to have a car/truck Or any vehicle is required at the camp). So there are two skews broken down just like that, you can’t split them up… I need to sell them as a whole (at least the 2) sorry!

I figured out the SKU’s are different! Yes! I can do that - sorry, I didn’t understand before!

I’d like to buy the vehicle pass for Laverne Johnson, please - still available?

Hello, I sold it late last night, sorry! I updated the post just now. Apologies!

Is vehicle pass still avail?

no, I deleted and updated :wink: