Boulder Acoustic Society to headline the 18th Annual Tie Dye Party!

We are soooo psyched to announce this.

The 18th Annual Road to Rich’s Tie Dye Party presents, on Saturday, May 21, 2011, in lovely and remote Ramah, New Mexico


Boulder Acoustic Society’s music is haunted by the past and focused on the future.

It’s indie-folk that draws from Appalachian roots, gritty gospel and the contemporary urban soundscapes.
Boulder Acoustic Society merges tradition with innovation, producing a unique sound and an unforgettable live entertainment experience.

FIVE YEARS, five albums and relentless touring have honed Boulder Acoustic Society into one of the tightest and most entertaining bands of any genre. The pulsing percussion and thumping of Scott Aller and Neil McCormick support the dual lead vocals of multi-instrumentalists Scott McCormick and Aaron Keim.

“Punchline,” the band’s current release on Austin’s Nine Mile Records has been hailed at home and abroad for forging “a new wave of American roots music.” The disc also aptly displays the depth of the songwriting of the four members of Boulder Acoustic Society - a band who wears vintage clothes, savors small batch bourbon and rocks the ukelele.

Are they contemporary music with a dark, folky vibe or folk music with poppy hooks and string band textures? Who cares, it’s BAS and you don’t want to miss them!

And you don’t want to miss the rest of our fantastic line-up either!

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Wooooo!! :thumbsup