Academy 2023, I would love to attend (Fiddle/Int). If you need to cancel or have tix please reach out!

Hi, this would be my first Rockgrass Academy and I was really hoping to attend, just didn’t make it back to the site to purchase until a few hours after tickets went on sale. The Academy organizers let me know if sold out within an hour and advised me to post here in case anyone needs to cancel or bought an admission they no longer need. If so feel free to reach out to me. I would love to be the lucky guy who gets to attend!

I’m an upper-intermediate fiddler playing mostly in the Irish/Scottish tradition and yearning to jump into American music and bluegrass in particular.

Thanks in advance.

I would take any Fiddle ticket, beginner to advanced as I have a bit of classical background, plus plenty of Irish/Scottish, but no bluegrass. I’m sure i’d adapt.