A post-Song School Gig and a place to stay in Fort Collins

This is “DADGAD Rick” Gottlieb calling all RMSS Festivarians in general and in the Fort Collins area in particular! I’ve been invited to do a gig on Friday night, August 17th at the “Bizarre Baazar Book Store and Entertainment Exchange” in Fort Collins, CO. The gig starts at about 8 pm and runs for 2 sets. I hope all of my friends and soon-to-be-friends will seriously consider attending. It’s a place filled with soft couches, free tea and coffee and looks of books to peruse as well!

Secondly, I was wondering amongst the group in the Fort Collins area if there would be anyone who could put me up for the night after the gig is over? If so please reply here on the forum, or contact me at RickG2007@gmail.com or call me at 617-413-4697. Thanks in advance to all! :thumbsup

“DADGAD Rick” Gottlieb