4 Thursday and 4 Sunday tickets for sale

Looks like we aren’t going to be able to make it this year so I have 4 Sunday tickets and 4 Thursday tickets for sale. Cheers!

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Would you be willing to sell just two Friday passes?

Whoops. Sorry, I miss typed. I only have Sunday and Thursday tickets. No Friday.

I am interested in the Thursdaytickets. Please email me at jmbrown52@yahoo.com

If you need two more Thursday tix, I got ‘em!

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I’ll take the two Sunday tickets. No problem.

Do you have any more Sunday tickets available? I’d take 2, if possible. please email me at amy.harris09@gmail.com. I can send $ asap.

If 2 Sunday tickets are still available, I would be super interested!

are these tickets available? this will be my 10th year

any Thursday tickets or night grass tickets to purchase? call or text me 513-657-9441 cheers!

Just checking in again to see if your Sunday tix were sold? thanks!

Sunday tickets available? Thanks so much 307-388-0807

I’m trying to get 2 thursdays if you still have them

Yes, Sundays were sold. Good luck!

Sundays are no longer available. Good luck!

I still have 2 thursdays available. I am selling them for $100 each and I can transfer them to you at will call. Let me know if you are still interested. Cheers!

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Yes! I still need them. I mail you a check or Venmo you

my email is bailsbox@gmail

Yes, I’m looking for two Thursday tickets! Please text Morgan at 360-609-0364 thank you:)

Did you sell these? Please text 360-609-0364 if they’re still available! Thank you:)