4-Day Pass For Sale $395

Unfortunately, I find myself unable to make it to Telluride this year. My 4-Day Pass was delivered today, and I’m hoping to be able to sell it to someone who can use it.

I’m located in Missoula, MT, so exchanging the pass will likely need to be done via USPS and soon.

I’d be happy to field a phone call or even FaceTime to assuage any concerns. I’d prefer to use Venmo and would probably use USPS proof of delivery.

If you run into issues finding a buyer in time to ship the pass you can probably work something out with will-call. It’s kind of a pain, but they could (presumably) invalidate your wristband (there’s an ID printed on the back of the RFID chip) and issue a new one. It’s worth giving Planet Bluegrass a call to check on this if you get into a bind. Good luck!