2 ME parking passes for Sale - $200

Hi all, have two leftover Mary E parking passes for sale.

Preference is a buyer who will take both.

Face value/selling price is $200 ($100 per).




I would be interested in one! But happy to be patient in case someone else can take both.

Where are you located? Any chance you’re on the front range?

Good morning! I would love to buy one of your vehicle passes for Mary E! If you still have them?

Thanks so much!

Hi, yes, front range however they are just barcodes (printable or accessible via email).

Let me see if/how I may be able to transfer ownership.

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Hi Julie,

Let me see if/how I may be able to transfer ownership electronically.


Hi CM,

That sounds great, let me know. I think you do it through See Tickets?


I’ll buy both! Going with another family with little kids and these would definitely make life a lot easier.

Not sure my message/post got to you. I would do 1 or both. Let me know. Thanks;)

I’d love Both of your Mary Illium vehicle passes?

  • My man is recovering from a shattered ankle & it would sure help ! :pray:t4:

I live in Morrison & could make it super easy & worth it!


( i’ll take one also if you sold one solo)?

I also live on the Front range and could stop by with cash if you still have The 2 vehicle passes!
Let me know-it sure would be a blessing!!

Just following up to see if you would like to sell the vehicle pass… We sure could use one due to my man’s injury! :pray:t4:
Thanks in advance ! Have $$ and can meet up

I’ll take one or both if still available?

We would love to buy one if either still available? My guy would have trouble sleeping on ground and we are volunteering so will need rest, lol! Although I see you’ve had a lot of interest…

@rocky_mtn_clm so sorry I was so slow in responding - I thought I was supposed to get notifications but wasn’t apparently. We ended up deciding not to make this happen, so I’m no longer interested. Hopefully you sold/sell them! Thanks.

Hi, are either of these still available? We’re in Lakewood. Arriving in telluride on 12th. 330-356-0611. Cheers!!

Any chance one is still available??:crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4::pray:t4:
Injured duo in need!